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The Power of Fragrance – Working From Home

The Power of Fragrance – Working From Home

How important is fragrance in the workplace – can it really improve productivity, reduce stress and foster a tranquil environment? 

We know that every workplace can be tainted with unpleasant smells from time to time but in this journal we’re donning our research hats and looking into the positive impact of good smells…

Without getting too scientific, when we touch or taste anything it is processed immediately by the part of the brain that deals with sensory information, before heading elsewhere. You’re aware of what you are tasting before you realise which memory it triggers. 

On the flip side, smells are immediately processed by the two areas of the brain responsible for memory and emotion, explaining our physical and emotional responses to them. We can all think of a time we’ve experienced a fragrance and immediately been transported to a specific time or place.

Productivity Boosting Fragrance 

Fragrances create deep connections with our memory and emotion, and studies have shown that this can be used to our advantage. Increased productivity, sustained attention and cognitive function are all affected by scent, findings suggest. 

Research by FragranceX has shown the following fragrances help boost productivity by re-energising and increasing alertness: 

Lemon – Jasmine – Citrus

A Japanese study found that workers made 54% fewer typing errors when smelling lemon.

De-Stress & Ease Anxiety 

We don’t need to spell out the issues that arise from stress and anxiety in the workplace and we’re not advocating that scent will immediately remove the route cause of any stresses, but if it can help improve morale and uplift spirits then we’re all for it. 

We’re not surprised to see pine included in the research by FragranceX. Think back to any time spent in beautiful forest settings and you’ll immediately feel a little lighter. 

Research found that the following fragrances reduce stress, elevate mood and improve concentration: 

Pine – Lemongrass – Lavender 

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